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Man-made shadows, England, 2016


Title: Man-made shadows, England, 2016
Print: 6x6" C-type
Paper: Fuji Crystal Archive
Edition: Limited by time
Date: 2016

"Contrail shadows cut across low-lying clouds over England. Jet planes emit water vapour that immediately freezes before slowly dispersing in the atmosphere. These cirrus clouds trap long wave radiation and contribute to the warming of the atmosphere more than the CO2 emitted by the plane itself. "

Print, signed verso
Certificate of authenticity
Archival print sleeve

This 6x6" signed edition is only available for 5 days. These museum quality C-Type prints provide an excellent opportunity for first-time and experienced collectors alike. An 8x8" limited edition of 12 is also available, the price increases as the edition sells.

Please allow 3 weeks from date of order to receive your print. Contact us if you need a quick turnaround.