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Black sheep, Fearn, 2016


Title: Black sheep, Fearn, 2016
Print: 6x6" C-type
Paper: Fuji Crystal Archive
Edition: Limited by time
Date: 2016

"In Scotland during the winter, flocks of sheep are moved to muddy fields strewn with turnips provided as fodder. Easter Ross is a low-lying, fertile region in the far north of the United Kingdom. Human populations were extensively cleared from large estates here and replaced by sheep during the 17th and 18th century, a legacy that endures."

From the series 'Land of Scots'

Print, signed verso
Certificate of authenticity
Archival print sleeve

This 6x6" signed edition is only available for 5 days. These museum quality C-Type prints provide an excellent opportunity for first-time and experienced collectors alike. An 8x8" limited edition of 12 is also available, the price increases as the edition sells.

Please allow 3 weeks from date of order to receive your print. Contact us if you need a quick turnaround.