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Humboldt penguin, London, 2015


Title: Humboldt penguin, London 2015
Print: 8x8" C-type
Paper: Fuji Crystal Archive
Edition: 12

"Native to the South American Pacific coast, the Humboldt is well adapted for Britain’s cold, wet climate half the world away. A colony has lived at London zoo in Regent’s Park for decades recently moving from the iconic 1930s Lubekin ‘Penguin Pool’ structure to this larger enclosure based on its natural habitat. The species is threatened with extinction in the wild."

From the series 'Urban wildlife'.

Print, signed verso
Certificate of authenticity
Archival print sleeve

The 8x8" limited edition of 12 is available until sold, with the price increasing as the edition sells. These museum quality C-Type prints provide an excellent opportunity for first-time and experienced collectors alike.

Please allow 3 weeks from date of order to receive your print. Contact us if you need a quick turnaround.